What is managed IT services?

Managed IT services allow organisation to be able to outsource IT tasks to a contracted provider or subscription service. The services provided are able to be used to lighten the workload on in-house staff, supplement overstressed in-house teams, or fully replace in-house staff. Managed service providers, like Tecnic Group, are incredible useful and can ensure 24/7/365 coverage of all IT requirements. Furthermore IT management solution providers, such as Tecnic Group contribute their vast expertise and knowledge that may not be available otherwise. 

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Understanding the ins and outs of managed IT services

There is a lot to managed IT services and what they provide. You’ll see, in this article, how diverse the managed service market truely is. This is great for businesses in Perth and all of Australia because they can find coverage for any aspect of their IT requirements. Whether you’re business needs a lot of help or only a little support, hiring the right Managed Service Provider can make all the difference, without needing to hire more staff or raise capital to build it on your own. It’s never been easier to find a tailored solution that work with your exact needs. Ask us about flexible service agreement plans! 

What is meant by managed IT services?

Managed IT services involves outsourcing the duty of maintaining and anticipating future need for a variety of infascture and process. Ultimately these services are designed to improve business operations, budget expenditure and reduction of in-house staff. This is a much more preferable alternative to the on-demand service model, where the customer is only billed for work done which doesnt include the maintenance and forward planning components as well as all the perks listed in this article.

What is included in managed IT services?

Here are some of the services a professional managed service provider can offer:

Managed Infrastructure and Networks

This includes establishing LAN, WAPs among other connections as well as managing backups and storage. 

Security Management 

This is generally a catch-all service for remote infrastructure, covering things from BDR solution, anti-malware, and updates.

Managed Support Services

This is a common option when it comes to MSPs and usually covers all services related to IT support. 

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

This service handles computing, storage, IT and network and is one of the more in-deth services. 


Providers offer software platforms (generally subscription based) for businesses. 

Mobile Computing and Managed Software

A MSP who is offering mobile and wireless computing will implement wireless connections. Can be utilises for internal network or if businesses dont have capital to invest on their own. 

Managed Communications 

This service typically provides a range of infrastructure for communications such as VoIP, data, video and messaging. 

Data Analytics

A manage service provider in Perth, like Tecnic Group, offer data management services which encompass business intelligence, trends and create roadmaps for success. 

Benefits of Managed Services

Improved efficiency and productivity

Often companies that turn to MSPs are used to tracking and responding to issues as they happen. Usually after switching to a managed IT service provider, businesses are surprised to learn how inefficient previous systems were. 

Sharing risks and responsibilities

The purpose of MSPs is to deliver the services they have been contracted to deliver. This includes, measure, analyse, report and optimise IT service operations. This becomes an irreplacement force and catalyse for business growth. They introduce new systems and processes which propel the business forward. 

Improved understanding of infrastructure needs

Getting the right provider for IT management solutions can make an enormous difference to the business. Owner’s schedules are usually chock-full and managed service providers look for helpful updates, upgrades and patches – creating lists for the most critical tasks. 

Complete IT department at a fraction fo the cost

Getting business IT support in Perth gives business owners and their overwhelmed internal IT teams, support at an affordable cost, critical component monitoring, data back up and disaster recovery, customised software solutions, network security, and evaluation and planning. 

Free up resources and focus on the core business

Business owners and internal IT teams would prefer to focus on tasks that boost revenue like development and operations. This can mean that routine tasks are left neglected. Let our business IT support remove the mundan, repetitive maintenance tasks from your day to day. 

Quick patch and update management 

When IT staff are focusing on other vital areas, patch management can fall by the wayside, leaving the organisation vulnerable to downtime, security threats and incidents that may not be supported by a vendor. MSPs handle patches and software updates. 

Reduced risk and downtime

With a professional MSP onboard to track and fix problems pro-actively downtime doesnt exist and your customers will see your organsisation as reliable and dependable.. 

What are examples of managed services?

Some common services provided by a managed service provider include:

  • Remote management and monitoring of infrastructure and hardware
  • Security services, such as monitoring and penetration testing, incident response or threat hunting.
  • Configuration and monitoring/management of cloud services. These are rendered in conjunction with or completely outside of managed cloud services.
  • Communications support, such as IP telephone services.

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