Our Industries

Where our Experience has come from

Accounting Practice

We at Tecnic Group have an in depth understanding of how accounting software and your IT systems need to work together providing you with high standard of productivity.

Legal Practice

Looking after a number of Law firms we understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We provide around the clock support to ensure we are there when you need it most.

Health Care Practice

We look after a number or Health care facilities in Perth WA, and understand the importance of keeping your IT infrastructure running effortlessly and effectively  at all times.

Non-For Profit

At Tecnic Group we admire organisation that give back to our communities. We ensure that your IT infrastructure is efficient while ensuring your your costs are minimal 


For our clients in the hospitaily sector we provide IT support on your time. We understand that your business is your passion and we provide the same enthusiasm and passion in helping your businesses productivity. 


No Industries is to big or to small for our experianced team. We always go the extra mile for our clients weather a SMB or large organisation

Together, let's excel & thrive