behind the scenes at Tecnic Group Pty Ltd


Tecnic Group Pty Ltd was founded in 2014 by our Managing Director Joshua Paul in his hometown of Perth, Western Australia.

Joshua Started working as a Level 1 Help desk administrator at the age of 17 and has worked his way up to System Architect & Software Engineer. Throughout his career one thing stood out, the way IT solutions were being delivered to clients and how he could improve that delivery in our ever-changing Technological world.

Joshua Identified that in the constantly changing technology world, clients were being left behind and business were suffering due to the apprehension of change caused by miscommunication thus leading to lack of understanding & the belief that IT is just too hard.

Joshua created Tecnic Group Pty Ltd with one objective. He wanted to create a company that changed the stigma about the complexity of Technology and how businesses move forward with technology effortlessly. Thus, our motto arose ”Moving Forward”.

Joshua focused on developing different strategies that could be tailored to individual business needs which in turn has been providing fast, efficient and reliable services to all kinds of Businesses from SMB to Large Enterprises. Our goal is still Moving forward.

Your Business is our passion

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

“Technology is always changing; we have no choice but to move forward”

– Joshua Paul

WHY US? Here's why...

We are Local...

Tecnic Group is a proudly Australian based IT company.

Having all our dealing within Australia reduces the risk of fraudulent activity putting  your mind at ease knowing your data is right here with you.

We always aim at supporting the Australian local community, and doing our part in helping our great country 

After all that is the Aussie way.  

Efficient & Reliable...

Our mission at Tecnic Group is to ensure that we provide you and your team with the individual IT support needed to achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently

At Tecnic Group we pride ourselves on working towards your business goals, help you uncover new opportunities, solve the intricate and complex problems in a timely manner to ensure your businesses IT systems are running as productively as possible with minimal down time

Our Experience...

Tecnic Group has provided IT Solutions to clients in all major industries from Medical, Financial, Hospitality, Real estate and many more. Our goal is to provide efficient and affordable IT solution that solves all your technological problems.

Our success is built on maintaining long and trusting relationships with clients through the provision of high-quality services.

want to save you money too...

At Tecnic group we understand the pinch on out laying thousands of dollars on technology and our main goal is getting your business running as productively as possible with minimal cost.

If it’s not broken, we don’t just replace it we reuse it. We are here to help our environment and your wallet. 

Do you want to grow your business?

we can do it together